"...Working with Mich was totally different than working with any other photographer out there. She is so much more than a photographer. I feel like Mich had the ability to get me comfortable in my skin...
...With Mich, she's capturing the essence of who you are and translated it through the photo. She sees things that you and I can't see and you can't just capture that through a tripod! No other photographer that I've worked with has not been able to capture that energy that she has. Mich is next level!..."

"Working with Mich was an absolute dream. From the moment we first got on a call she was professional yet familiar, inquisitive and tremendously creative. I felt confident in her capable hands. The shoot itself flowed masterfully, and with her ability to drop into the heart of the matter we were able to co-create an absolutely fantastic space where I felt safe to express. The images she captured of me really show my soul’s essence, and I love what I see. It is as if we were channeling the goddess herself. Working with Mich Chiu is a gift, and if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity - jump on it."

"What an honour it was to work with Mich Chiu. She created a sacred space that allowed me to journey deep within and connect with my inner power - and the luminous soul growing inside me - in such a potent, powerful and playful way. Her intuitive gifts guided us through a uniquely transformative journey and her exceptional skill as a photographer captured images that I will cherish forever. This experience was far more than a photo shoot - it was an empowering gateway that helped me to step into my power as a woman - as a mother - and a true celebration of my shakti. Thank you!!"

"Choosing to work with Mich Chiu was a clear and obvious choice because of how she gives space to the goddess and divine self to come through the photos. Her photos are high quality and do not appear so posed as many others do. There is a unique and magical essence to what she captures for you!
I was giddy with excitement to work with her and it felt like a true blessing. What came through in my photos was my higher self bringing forth the most graceful, fluid and brightest version of myself. I felt nostalgic for the photographing experience we had together even many days after!
Mich's presence is light and easy and she holds beautiful sacred space in her own laid back, but acutely aware way. She guides you gently through your process so that you feel comfortable expressing what needs to come forth.

Thank you Mich, I'm so grateful!🙏🏼"

"When I lived in the community in the jungle of Costa Rica, I was there as a videographer, mostly... but I also started to take photos... and you know, cameras have this option, that you just push the trigger down and it keeps making photo after photo...
Playing with that I realized... that it really is a kind of therapy... to be in front of the camera and allow someone to take photo after photo of you.. first few seconds most of the people enjoy the feeling... then they start to feel uncomfortable, because it's going out of their comfort zone... and then what comes next is pure healing... <3
I have had the honor of being in front of your camera and I say, you are a wonderful therapist <3 It's easy to trust you and open up...
Thank you for doing what you love and loving, what you do
Love you"

"Working with Mich actually didn’t feel like work at all. It was so effortless, and so much fun. Typically I awkwardly freeze in front of the camera, but Mich helped me relax and really melt into my essence. I felt amazing and the pictures I have are priceless to me- I am so happy to share them and show myself as I truly am. Thank you Mich for not only creating and editing such beautiful shots but for boosting my confidence and showing me the way to my true embodied essence ❤️🙏🏼"

"Mich's work from beginning to the end felt like a ceremony. She was able to capture aspects of our expression that I was not aware of. If you want to claim your power whilst doing a photoshoot, I definitely recommend her art. It's a work of magic, be prepared to unveil your greatness."

"It is truly a unique multifaceted experience working with Mich. Her energy radiates in a very powerful and peaceful way, she is fully present with you which allows for beautiful energy to be exchanged, creating a safe and sacred container. This is not an ordinary photo shoot, it is an opportunity to activate and truly liberate yourself, heal and nourish those parts of yourself that may be scared to be judged and create beautiful magic as you express your souls essence, allowing Mich to capture you in your flow. I am extremely grateful to have crossed paths with Mich, I have many creative projects coming up that I will definitely be working with her to capture my visions."

"Mich does amazing caption of your True you. She has this unique way to connect with your inner self and to capture it with Love and Authenticity. She has this gentle and powerful energy that hold a sacred and safe space for you to BE. Just to BE. Thank You Mich Chiu. Love and Gratitude."