I am a Toronto Portrait & Brand Photographer

Nice to (kind of) meet you!

On this page you will find a little bit about me, the way I work and the photo packages I provide! You can also see my contact info, and contact me directly at the bottom of the page!

I have been photographing for 10+ years!

My love for people and photography has led me to work with creative souls from numerous fields. I’ve shot for editorials, concerts, live events, commercial, fashion, branding and portraits!

Nowadays, my focus is brand photography, and all the experience I’ve gathered makes my process and outcome distinct from what you’d typically consider Brand Photography!

I have been published in C-Heads, Billboard, Vice, Creep Magazine, Medium.

I am also an energy healer.

The connection between the photographer and subject is just as important as the technique skill in Photography!

I work intuitively, and channel insight and guidance personalized for your session. You are a unique soul, with a unique journey, and the process through which I guide you is completely based on your needs.

I provide a comfortable space for self exploration and allow myself to be a conduit for your essence. I love being a mirror through which people can dive into their expression and BIGness!

In my previous life of working a 9-5, I was an art director.

I have a background working as an art director with some big brands for 5+ years! Combining my design brain in composition, shapes and colour, and my eye as an artist, I love creating art pieces for my subjects from the conceptual stage to the final production.

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