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Being innately observant and curious, my desire to explore and connect with people was what drove me to eventually pick up the camera over 12 years ago. Combining my art director (5+ years in advertising agencies) design brain in composition, shapes and colour, and my eye as an artist, I love creating art pieces for my subjects from the conceptual stage to the final production.

As an energy healer, I’ve realized that photographing someone is very much in a similar realm as the healing sessions I offer. The dynamic between my subject and I is an energetic dance, where I provide a comfortable space for self exploration and allow myself to be a conduit for their essence. I love being a mirror through which people can dive into their expression and beauty.

I am available for commissioned portraiture for both personal expression as well as branding purposes.  Many of my clients are artists, entrepreneurs, healers, and actresses. 

I believe everyone has a story waiting to be seen, and told. 

Photo Packages emailed upon request

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"It is truly a unique multifaceted experience working with Mich. Her energy radiates in a very powerful and peaceful way, she is fully present with you which allows for beautiful energy to be exchanged, creating a safe and sacred container. This is not an ordinary photo shoot, it is an opportunity to activate and truly liberate yourself, heal and nourish those parts of yourself that may be scared to be judged and create beautiful magic as you express your souls essence, allowing Mich to capture you in your flow. I am extremely grateful to have crossed paths with Mich, I have many creative projects coming up that I will definitely be working with her to capture my visions " - Alicya

"Mich Chiu is one of the most beautiful and charismatic photographers I have been working with over the years. I loved being welcomed by the mystic fragrance of white copal and frankincense when entering her studio and Mich has an alert creative eye and can see the light of the soul she is taking pictures of." - Kailash

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